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From "MJ McLaren, Information Systems and Computing" <>
Subject Struts-config.xml and DynaBeans
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 12:30:23 GMT

This is my very first contribution.  I am new to Struts and fairly new to 
JSP (so go easy on me).  I am working on a project that is considering 
using Struts 1.1.  So far I am very impressed, anything that reduces the 
amount of Java code I need to write gets my vote.

I have been looking at dynabeans and the struts version of 
DynaActionFormClass.  I noted that in the Struts configuration file the 
section for describing form-beans.  This is great but being a very lazy 
programmer, what about a section for describing any type of DynaBean and 
not just form-beans specifically.

The temptation is to write any DynaBean that I use in my web application as 
a "form-bean" in the Struts-Config file even when I have no intention of 
making it an actual "form-bean" i.e. writing a validate method or using it 
via a form.

Other than that fact that it make my Struts configuration file confusing, 
any reason why I should not be doing this?



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