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From Joel Rees <>
Subject Re: [OT] Standardised Environments (was RE: [OT] Eclipse IDE)
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 01:58:46 GMT
> True, but I'm still here because of geo-relegious* reasons and that
> makes up and moving off difficult. This means that I need to stay in the
> arena and keep swinging the sword of common sense, among others, for a
> while yet.
> Simon
> * I am assisting in the startup of a United Pentecostal Church in
> Dodgeville (I'm a lay preacher) and it's awfully hard to fulfill such a
> calling living anywhere else, and my employer is the only game in town
> for geeks unless I drive long'ish distances.

Preaching two gospels at once or preaching one Gospel and spending a lot
of time on the commute -- hard choice. But if your current employer at
least winks at your using your personal machine at the office, you've
got a fighting chance with that one.

Joel Rees <>

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