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From usha <>
Subject Re: Formatted output within a nested iterate loop
Date Mon, 13 Jan 2003 03:31:59 GMT

i have a question on formatting the output through <bean:write>. my 
ActionForms contains all the String datatype variable, even though the 
value in this varibles may be a date or number. i declared all varibles 
as string datatype because from the UI when the user enters the date if 
i won't declare it as a string datatype it need to be keyed in some 
particular format. if this is the case how can i use 'format' in the 
<bean:write format="###,###.00"/>


David M. Karr wrote:

>>>>>>"Norman" == Norman Klein <> writes:
>    Norman> I currently have a nested iterate loop which looks like the following:
>    Norman> <nested:iterate id="liabilities" name="OverviewForm"
>    Norman> indexId="liabilityIndex" property="liabilities">
>    Norman>   	<tr id="lib_<%=liabilityIndex%>_Header" class="appSubHeader">
>    Norman> 		<td valign="MIDDLE">
>    Norman> 			<nested:text name="liabilities"
>    Norman> property="unpaidBalance" />
>    Norman> 		</td>
>    Norman> </nested iterate>
>    Norman> This works fine, but the "unpaidBalance" field really needs to be formatted
>    Norman> like this: $100,000.00 instead of 100000.0
>    Norman> Since the text tag doesn't directly support a format field, I generally
>    Norman> this trick:
>    Norman> <input type="text" name="loan.FFFCFee" size="8" maxlength="150"
>    Norman> value="<bean:write name="overviewForm" property="loan.FFFCFee"
>    Norman> format="###,###.00" /> ">
>    Norman> The "value" field is used to supply the necessary formatting capability.
>    Norman> but the following doesn't seem to work:
>    Norman> <nested:text name="liabilities" property="unpaidBalance"
>    Norman> value="<nested:write name="liabilities" property="unpaidBalance"
>    Norman> format="###,###,###.00" />" />
>    Norman> and only generates the following error message:
>    Norman> 	Error: Attribute: liabilities" is not a valid attribute name 
>You have a couple of problems here.
>First, you can't nest a custom tag in the attribute value of a custom tag.
>You'll have to put the nested value into either a scriptlet variable or a
>scoped attribute, and just emit the value as part of the attribute value.
>Second (this will probably go away when you fix the first problem), you're
>nesting double quotes inside double quotes.  If you have an attribute value
>that has to quote something inside the value, then the attribute value needs to
>use different quotes than the internal quotes.

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