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From "V. Cekvenich">
Subject Re: Your opinions please
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 12:26:54 GMT

Pankaj Dhoolia wrote:
> Folks,
> Was experimenting with patterns to componentize presentations.
> Found Tiles absolutely well suited with its concept of Controller per
> tile.
> But I realize that populating the tile maynot be the only thing that I
> want to, one may want to do more things which are generic in nature
> rather than being Tile specific. For example, a common requirement is to
> display or hide, on the basis of the context of the request (and that
> may be more than just principal and role). There may be many such
> requirements which I may want to dynamically want to plug on in a
> generic manner to a selection of my tiles.
> An ideal way probably would have been to have the ability to define a
> set of controllers in a particular sequence for a Tile along with the
> Tile definitions, but since there is an option for only one, I probably
> need to work my way around.
> So here's a thought broken down into a number of points:
> *	Let me define a single generic Controller 
> *	Along with it define my own configuration schema where in I can
> define a mapping of my presentation components to the set (and sequence
> of the controllers that should be executed before the presentation is
> made). Of course I can cache it and take care of dynamic changes to this
> cache at runtime etc (if I need to) 

I assume your controler would decide what deefinition to forward. 
Also... each tile would have a controller.

> *	Now let me define a generic Security Controller for my site
> which encapsulates the understanding of the implementation of security
> policies on my site. 

I assume you will use standard servelt 2.2 based declerative security 
for starters and build on it. Web.xml and Struts config support this.
Ex: if usersinrole().
Read up n jdbc relms (and struts.config in StrutsInAction bu Husted)

> *	Along with this generic Security Controller now I define a
> schema where I can define a mapping of my presentation components to the
> associated security rules. Of course I can cache it as well along with
> taking care of dynamic changes to this cache at runtime etc (if I need
> to) 
> *	Now when every Component is to be displayed my generic
> Controller (not the generic security controller) is invoked which looks
> at the sequence of controllers to be executed and coordinates the
> display, and if my generic security controller is also to sequenced then
> it is just brought into picture by the generic controller and it
> utilizes the ComponentContext and the security mappings configurations
> to execute what ever security rules its wants to.

Security is handled by cotainer/framework. But lets assume you did a 
base action and now you write concreate actions.
SECURITY. Start with it and build on top of it.
That is my .02 cents.

> Just wanted to have your opinions on the model, and if there are
> alternative models that have been tried for similar scenarios (I believe
> the scenario is a very common scenario).
> Of course I know it for a fact that Action PlugIn extension by ASQdotCOM
> can also be be utilized for such a need
> cheers,
> pdhoolia

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