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From "V. Cekvenich">
Subject Re: [OT] web site idea (was Value of Struts)
Date Thu, 23 Jan 2003 23:00:04 GMT

My philosophy is under promise over deliver.
If you put this on a site, than someone's mileage may vary.
Then when you get on a client's site it will be "how come we didn't have 
  xyz here?"


Robert McIntosh wrote:
> I read everyone's responses to Gene Campbell's question and I think 
> there should be a place on the Struts website (maybe a wiki or 
> something?) where all of these good folks who responded to him could put 
>  up their "Why I love Struts" comments. I know I have to answer this 
> question often to clients and other developers and it would be nice to 
> say "Go to the struts website and look at page 'Why I love it'" or 
> whatever.
> Promoting Struts is often difficult since it is open source and there is 
> that fear amongst the management (generally) about open source stuff. 
> Never mind that there are 5 (6?) books on struts alone, it has one of 
> the largest followings in open source Java, is in production is some 
> major companies, etc. The one thing I usually say to a manager type is 
> "IBM uses it for the admin on WebSphere". Throwing in that big name 
> usually helps...
> My .02
> Robert McIntosh

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