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From Eric Rizzo <>
Subject Re: Commons source for Struts 1.1b3
Date Sat, 25 Jan 2003 01:56:23 GMT
Eric Rizzo wrote:
> James Mitchell wrote:
>> Did you search the archives?
>> I will not give you the answer to fact....this question has
>> been asked so much lately that it is beginning to piss off Papa-Strut
>> himself (and that's rare).
> Trust me, I'd love to search the mailing list archives. But when I go to 
> the archive search page 
> (<>)

> all it ever tells me is "Text search is not available for this list"
> Is there some place to search old messages other than the one above 
> (that is linked to from the Struts home page)?
> Looking to learn to fish,
>     Eric

I remembered and subsequently found only this response 
from C.McC. a few days ago:

> It's inside the META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file for each JAR file.
> What you'll find, though, is that 1.1b3 used a snapshot of all the commons
> JARs on the day it was created.  The final version of 1.1 will use
> released versions of the Commons JARs files (and they'll be documented in
> the release notes).
> Craig

But the question still remains how can I get that snapshot when the 
nightly build archives are not that old?
Also, why doesn't seem to have messages older than this 

Honestly trying,
Eric Rizzo
Software Architect
Jibe, Inc.

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