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From Alireza Fattahi <>
Subject RE: Struts Validator Debug output? What is it doing?
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 09:22:14 GMT
I have put these files in web-inf\classes folder but nothing happened:
# A sample log4j configuration file

# Create two appenders, one called stdout and the other called rolling
log4j.rootLogger=FATAL, stdout, rolling

# Configure the stdout appender to go to the Console

#  Configure the stdout appender to use the PatternLayout

# Pattern to output the caller's file name and line number.
log4j.appender.stdout.layout.ConversionPattern=%5p [%t] (%F:%L) - %m%n

# Configure the rolling appender to be a RollingFileAppender

# Configure the name of the logout for the rolling appender

# Set up the maximum size of the rolling log file

# Keep one backup file of the rolling appender

# Configure the Layout pattern and conversion pattern for the rolling
log4j.appender.rolling.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{ABSOLUTE} - %p %c - %m%n

By the I could not find the user guide on the site. Should I download the
1.1b3 full?

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From: Craig R. McClanahan [] 
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2003 11:08 AM
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: RE: Struts Validator Debug output? What is it doing?

On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Alireza Fattahi wrote:

> Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 09:01:02 +0330
> From: Alireza Fattahi <>
> Reply-To: Struts Users Mailing List <>
> To: 'Struts Users Mailing List' <>
> Subject: RE: Struts Validator Debug output? What is it doing?
> I have the opposite problem!
> When the application starts all the validation messages are put on the
> stdout. I have not configured any thing. How can I stop it?
> By the way I have put the debug and detail tags values in the web.xml to 0
> but I still get INFO information in stdout!
> Any help?

Struts 1.1 totally ignores the "debug" and "detail" environment

Instead, you need to learn how to configure the logging environment you
are using.  A good starting point is the commons-logging package

followed by learning how to configure your logging implementation (Log4J
or JDK 1.4 or whatever).  I suspect you probably have the default level
for all loggers set to DEBUG or something like that.

There's also material in the most recent update to the User's Guide
about this.


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