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From "Bredesen, Chris - NA US HQ Delray" <>
Subject [Newbie] ActionForm prepopulation
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2003 20:42:53 GMT
Hi group,

There's one general struts concept that I haven't fully gotten my arms
around yet.  I'm trying to design without using action chaining, but I have
the following scenario:

- JSP posts to an action which accesses a form bean and does some business
- The next JSP in the process has a DIFFERENT form bean on it, and values on
that one must be prepopulated using ... another action?

This would cause JSP -> .do -> .do -> JSP which we know is bad.

So then do I pre-pop my Form bean values in the ActionForm constructor?  As
member variables?  What happens when reset() is called ... how do I make
sure they return to their proper initial values upon reset?

Thanks for participating,

*Struts Evangelist in Training*

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