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From "du Plessis, Corneil C" <>
Subject RE: Nobody answers....
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 11:13:31 GMT
You discription of what you want to achieve is unclear.
What do you mean by displaying B.jsp twice?
Do you want to the contents of B.jsp twice then C.jsp?

-----Original Message-----
From: Nathalie Foures []
Sent: 22 January, 2003 11:22
Subject: Nobody answers....

Hi all!

I have already sent this message but nobody answered...So I send it
again, because I do need your advices!

I use Struts 1.1b2. I want to display several times, the same jsp page.
I have three views : A.jsp, B.jsp, C.jsp.

If the user select one item on A.jsp, B.jsp has to be displayed once,
and then C.jsp.
If the user select two items on A.jsp, B.jsp has to be displayed twice,
and then C.jsp.

In struts-config.xml :
 <forward name="B" path="/B.jsp"/>

 <foward name="B"  path="/B.jsp"/>
 <forward name="C" path="/C.jsp"/>

The bean BForm has a reset method, so that ActionServlet could put it in
the initial state back, when recycling.

All works fine, when I only select one item. One B.jsp page is
displayed, and then the C.jsp page. But when I select more than one
item, the first B.jsp is displayed, and not the following ones. Instead,
I get an alert box that tells me that the document is empty and that I
have to contact my administrator system. I have no Tomcat error messages
: the logs file only says that all stops when the BAction forward to

Does the problem come from bean form recycling or populating, or
something else?

Thank you very much for your answers!


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