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From "Jagdish Arora" <>
Subject same button on two consecutive forms confuses the second action
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 01:13:10 GMT

Problem: I have same button on two consecutive JSPs (say JSP1 and JSP2).
When the button (btnName1) is clicked on JSP1, first that button is copied
on FORM1, and then on FORM2.  Is there any standard way to get rid of this

My understanding of the sequence of steps is:
  1.. JSP1 submitted, the Servlet Request SR (SR has btnName1="value1")
  2.. AS sets the request parameters of SR on FORM1
  3.. AS calls ACTION1.execute(), which returns ACTION2
  4.. AS sets the request parameters of request (still SR) on FORM2
  5.. AS calls ACTION2.execute(), which gets messed up, because of wrong
data on FORM2
Please let me know if there is any smarter way than manually changing the
names of parameters (and Form properties).


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