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From Brian.O'
Subject Is there a List navigater Tag to use with struts ?
Date Wed, 22 Jan 2003 11:53:59 GMT
Does anyone know if there is a taglib available to render something like
below (and attached). You know the type like is on the Google search
results page.
It would need to work with a supplied List.

If not, I will have to write a Tag, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel

Here hoping,

<table cellpadding=5 align=center>
               <td><a href=propertySearch.html?action=1>Prev</a></td>
               <td><a href=propertySearch.html?action=1>1</a></td>
               <td><a href=propertySearch.html?action=2>3</a></td>
               <td><a href=propertySearch.html?action=3>4</a></td>
               <td><a href=propertySearch.html?action=4>5</a></td>
               <td><a href=propertySearch.html?action=5>6</a></td>
               <td><a href=propertySearch.html?action=6>7</a></td>
               <td><a href=propertySearch.html?action=7>8</a></td>
               <td><a href=propertySearch.html?action=2>Next</a></td>
                  <input type=text size=4 value=10 />
                  of <b>71</b>
                  <input type=image src=refresh.gif />

(See attached file: ListNavigator.html)

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