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From "joni santoso" <>
Subject Re: The best way for learning struts (stupid question)
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2003 07:11:08 GMT

>* Fundamentals of object-oriented programming
>* Java as a programming language

done them.

>* Design patterns (at the programming level)

any good sites for learning this? I read already the 
theoretical ones but at the programming level, sometimes 
I'm still confused to use which DP.

>* Unit testing concepts and test-first design (JUnit is a 
>   tool for this in the Java space)

I learned this too. But, it seems that there're a few 
tutorial on JUnit. Can anyone here refer me?

Oh yeah, I also learn Cocoon, Apache FOP, JDOM, and Ant.

>* Basics of relational databases, SQL, and the
>   corresponding Java API (JDBC).


>* Fundamentals of XML and XSLT (if you're going to be 
>   web services or XML-heavy applications)

is learning.

>* Architecture of the web (particularly how HTTP, HTML, 
>   JavaScript work)

can you elaborate more? As a Software Developer for mostly 
web, I know how the JS and HTML work. But why I should 
know about HTTP?

>* The Servlet API -- foundation to every Java-based web 

done. Though, I don't explore them thoroughly. Only, when 
I meet a very special case like how to limit the number of 
access a user can make to the web app, delivering image on 
the fly, creating an excel file, etc.

>* Basics of the view-layer technology (such as JSP) you 
>plan to use
>   If you're planning to use JSPs, plan on spending some 
>time on:
>   - Custom tags
>   - JSTL 1.0 and the expression language

is learning too.

>* Use of advanced Struts features and extensions

still learning the basics :).

>Yes, that list is very long.  But the rewards for 
>persevering and becoming
>an expert are very great :-).

thx for the advice.
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