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From "Dennis Doubleday" <>
Subject Simultaneous use of nested tags in two iframes causing interference
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 17:39:22 GMT
I have two iframes on one page that are both loading variants of the
same tree. I am using the nested library to display the trees (very nice
stuff!). However, they seem to be interfering with each other. Each
iframe has tags like:

<nested:root name="tree">

  <nested:nest property="root" >
    <jsp:include page="nestedchildtree.jsp" />


The "tree" bean has request scope, and since each iframe is filled by a
separate request, they should be independent. However, when run, part of
the data intended for iframe1 ends up in iframe2 and a NPE occurs in
iframe1. If refreshed individually, both iframes load properly. If the
refreshed simultaneously, the failure occurs again.

I tried changing the name of the nested:root bean to "tree2" in one of
the iframes. However, then you get the message "no bean found under
attribute key 'tree2'". Again, when refreshed independently, both
iframes work.

I believe this is a bug in the nested library. Anybody else encountered
it and have a workaround?

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