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From Andy Richards <>
Subject microsoft .doc struts
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 14:12:15 GMT

I have read with interest from the struts archives where a user posted
the following question to do with producing microsoft .doc files for
clients. See:

Peter S. Hamlen: posted a follow up talking about using office 2000
html, see:

What i cant understand and i am hoping that someone will be able to help
me, is that once you have parsed the .html template ie with velocity,
then how do you convert the html back to a .doc file. I could provide
for download the html pages, but the images i want to include would be
seperate from the html file. I am trying to think of a tidier way?
looking down the thread .rtf format is not the easiest, and POI is in a
early release. Anyone know what i can do? or have any suggestions?

dont worry i made my point about cross platform and proprietory .doc,
.doc is what the client wants, and therefor .doc is what i am having to
try and give.



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