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From Alan P Sexton <>
Subject Avoiding attempt to access validator dtd over the internet at startup
Date Sat, 08 Feb 2003 10:33:58 GMT

As shipped, the current struts nightly tries to access the dtd for
validator-rules.xml over the web. If at all, I want it only to look
locally as my development machine is usually disconnected from the
web. The end result is that the attempt to load validator-rules.xml
throws an exception. For the moment I have simply replaced the doctype
declaration with the basic XML declaration in validator-rules.xml and
that avoids the problem. Can anyone tell me what the proper solution is,
preferrably without having to modify the Struts distribution?

By the way, why does validator-rules.xml still use the 1.0 dtd? I
thought we had moved on to the 1.1 version which is what is included in
the struts distribution.


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