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From Brian Moseley <>
Subject suppressing form bean population
Date Tue, 18 Feb 2003 16:26:14 GMT
i have a standard action -> form -> action setup in which the first 
action prepares the page that displays the form and the section action 
processes the form submission.

when the form page's "reset" button is clicked, the processing action 
clears out some session state and forwards back to the prepare action. 
this causes a problem when some of the form fields were filled out, 
because the prepare action (executing second in the chain) re-populates 
the form bean, setting those attributes again, causing them to be 
displayed on the redrawn page - defeating one purpose of resetting the 
form :)

is there a way for me to tell struts not to repopulate the form bean? 
clearly i'd only want to do this in the special case that the page's 
reset button was clicked. when the page is being originally drawn, or 
when the page's form is submitted but validation fails, i clearly want 
the form to be repopulated.

as a workaround i'm chaining via redirect instead of forward. looking 
through RequestProcessor, i don't believe i can suppress the form bean 
repopulation with forward chaining. can anybody confirm or deny?


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