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From "Robert S. Sfeir" <>
Subject Implications of Various Forms and Validators
Date Sun, 09 Feb 2003 00:53:17 GMT
I am trying to get full grasp on how to decide how to approach which 
validator and form to use for my framework.

I've successfully managed to setup demos of ActionForm and 
ValidatorForm, as well as DynaActionForm with DynaValidatorForm.  (If 
some of you are taring your hair out with this, don't forget the 
validate="true" and input="..." in your actions... :-)  , I'd be glad 
to send the sample code as it stand right now too.)

I can see the advantage of DynaActionForm where I don't have to create 
a new XYZForm class file for every form I want to use. and I can make a 
quick change in the struts config and the form has new or different 
fields.  I can also add a new form-bean definition and off I go.

I can see how I can also write one SecurityForm class with all the 
fields I need it to support for my security components, and then use 
that form for login.jsp, registration.jsp, addressInfo.jsp, 
phoneInfo.jsp etc... and it seems that in this case the validator will

I guess what I am asking is:
1- What are the performance implications
2- Are there any sets of rules that would define a line where I can 
determine if I should use Dyna or 'Plain-jane' Forms

What I like right now is to create one SecurityForm class file will all 
the methods I might need in it, and then have various validator xml 
definitions for every jsp form.  Each JSP form of course submits to its 
own action.
Opinions are greatly welcome.



Robert S. Sfeir
Senior Java Engineer
National Institutes of Health
Center for Information Technology
Department of Enterprise Custom Applications

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