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Subject Re: is there a way to get struts to interact well w/ scriptlets
Date Sat, 08 Feb 2003 16:32:52 GMT

In agreement with Kris, I will elaborate.

In short I was able to avoid hard coding element names by passing in
control names.

The <nested:writeNesting/> tag will generate a string that describe the
levels without the control name and
the <nested:writeNesting property="XXX"/> will give you the full name with

so in lists I found my self doing stuff like this.

//at any particular nesting level..
        <bean:define id="selectedTx" >
             selectedTx('<nested:writeNesting property="onAccountAmt"
             />','<nested:writeNesting property="../amountCreditString"

       <nested:checkbox property="meshFlg"  onclick="<%= selectedTx %>" />

 //JS function
      function selectedTx(thisCtrl){
        var cbBox = document.customerMeshingForm.elements[thisCtrl];

//it generates code kinda like this.
<input type="checkbox"

This was how I got this working, but I would sure love to know others do

**** Since I am on the topic of merging struts with javascript....
To avoid harcoding javascript form name that is generated from the form
name in the config file
I fooled around with this..

<bean:struts mapping="/crApplicationRouter"  id="mapping" />

 function setDataChanged(){
        document.<bean:write name="mapping" property
        ="name"/>.dataChanged.value = '<%= WebConstants.TRUE %>';

To be fair I don;t actually do this because my form names do really change
all that often.

hope some of this helps...

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