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From "MarwanSalam <>" <>
Subject Attribute indexed invalid according to the specified TLD
Date Mon, 17 Feb 2003 23:56:49 GMT

I am getting "Attribute indexed invalid according to the specified 
TLD" in my JSP.

Here is part of my ActionForm:
    private List parameterList = new ArrayList();
    public List getParameterList()
        logger.debug("List size is: " + this.parameterList.size());
        return parameterList;
    public void setParameterList(List parameterList)
        this.parameterList = parameterList;
    public OrderDetailModel getOrderDetail(int index)
        return (OrderDetailModel) parameterList.get(index);

Here is the code in my Action where I set the form on the session:
    //orderDetailList is my ArrayList object
    session.setAttribute("updateOrderForm", updateOrderForm);

Here is my JSP:
<html:form action="" name="updateOrderForm" 
  <logic:iterate id="parameter" name="updateOrderForm" 
    <tr bgcolor="<%= bgColor %>">
      <td><html:text name="parameter" property="orderLineNumber"  
indexed="true" /></td>
      <td><html:text name="parameter" property="itemName"  
indexed="true" /></td>
      <td><html:text name="parameter" property="quantityOrdered"  
indexed="true" /></td>
  <input type="submit" value"Update">

I looked at the Struts html:text tag description,, and it says 
that I can use "indexed". I am using Struts 1.0.2. I am doing 
something wrong?


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