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From "Richard Mixon" <>
Subject RE: Using query string in struts-menu entry
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 12:15:00 GMT
Thanks to both for the tip.  I'll check the list, did not realize it
existed. The struts-menu documentaton is sparse, but its such a neat tool.

After more tracing and trying out the same URL from the browser address bar,
I think what is happening is that my security URL-PATTERN is "*.do". I'm
trying to use container based authentication to handle all *.do URL's. When
I add the query parm, it does not math that pattern anymore - I'm getting
thrown back to the logon form.

Thanks - Richard

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From: Scott Sayles []
Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2003 1:49 AM
To: 'Struts Users Mailing List'
Subject: Re: Using query string in struts-menu entry

The value for the page attribute is prepended with the context path and
is used literally in defining the link location when rendering the
menu.  What the behavior is may depend on which type of display you are
using (e.g. CoolMenus, DropDown, etc.).  As far as I know, it should
work as you expect it.  Can you verify that the URL works (like by
typing it into the browser's address box)?  Which kind of displayer are
you using?  Try looking at the generated javscript or html source to
help troubleshoot.

BTW, there is a user list specifically for this extension:


On Tue, 2003-03-25 at 20:28, Richard Mixon wrote:
> I've been trying to use the following menu entries with no luck:
> <Menu  name="operationMenu"  title="Instructor">
>   <Item  name="MeasurementGrid"  title="Operations"
>          tooltip="Instructor Operations">
>     <Item  name="configStatus"  title="Status 1"
>            toolTip="View/maintain status."
>            page="/config/"/>
>     <Item  name="configStatus"  title="Status 2"
>            toolTip="View/maintain status."
>            page="/config/"/>
>   </Item>
> </Menu>
> The first menu item is really what I want to use (with the query string
"method=inquire"). It does not seem to work at all.
> If I use the second method (just a simple ForwardAction that forwards to
the JSP page under WEB-INF/pages) everything works just fine.
> Should the query parametes work with struts-menu?
> Thanks - Richard
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