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From Daniel Jaffa <>
Subject Re: [OT] Struts + JSF vs Swing
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 21:02:07 GMT
You could also add the amount of time that it takes to build and support a
Swing application.  I would guess that a swing app take 1.5X to 2X longer to
build as well as the fact that with jsp that you can use a Web designer to
build the look and feel and leave the code development to the Development

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From: "P K" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, March 31, 2003 1:56 PM
Subject: [OT] Struts + JSF vs Swing

> We have just started using Struts whereas another group here is developing
front ends for web-based applications using Swing. My manager has asked me
to come up with a document listing why we are going this route and are not
inclined to use Swing. What do you guys think of this?
> TIA.
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> Developing User Interfaces using Struts as opposed to a Swing GUI with
Java Web Start.
> · Swing needs a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to be installed on Client
Machines. This could potentially lead to compatibility issues if a Swing GUI
is developed using components from a newer version of Java - the JVM will
need to be upgraded on all client machines. Struts applications output HTML,
which will be displayed in a browser.
> · Struts is a framework that provides several built-in components that can
be incorporated into an application declaratively (as opposed to
programmatically), such as exception handling, validation,
internationalization. These types of components will need to be developed
for Swing based applications.
> · Swing is only a GUI technology. As mentioned above Struts provides other
components as well.
> · Swing provides a richer set of GUI components whereas Struts currently
only allows User Interfaces to be HTML based. But, developing applications
with Struts will allow us to take advantage of the new JavaServer Faces
(JSF) specification ( The
Reference Implementation (Early Access) for JSF is already available. From
the page at the above link:
>  "Designed to be flexible, JavaServer Faces technology leverages existing,
standard UI and web-tier concepts without limiting developers to a
particular mark-up language, protocol, or client device."
> · Using Struts + JSF is much more flexible than using just Swing. It will
be very difficult for us to provide a Swing GUI on RF devices, if at all.
This means that for applications such as "PF Retrieve" we would need to
develop a separate GUI for RF devices if we were to use Swing. JSF will
eliminate this problem. Current Struts JSP pages will need to be changed to
use JSF tags instead of the current Struts tags. But, JSF will probably take
at least a year to mature and deliver this functionality.
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