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From "Giovanni Formenti" <>
Subject Include a file with custom tags
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 08:29:29 GMT
I'd like to know if it's possible to include into a JSP page another JSP
page with some custom tags. I try with <%@ include file="tags.jsp" %> or
<jsp:include...> or <%="content_of_tag.jsp" %> and it works but the custom
tags in the "tags.jsp" file aren't parsed as custom tags, they stays the
same as in "tags.jsp".
For example:
[... I include taglibs declaration, sure...]
<html:form ...>
<%@ include file="tags.jsp" %>
</html:form ...>
[... I include taglibs declaration, sure...]
the result:
<form ...> //right parsed
<html:text ...>  //not parsed!!
</form ...> //right parsed
instead of:
<form ...>
<input type="text" ...>
</form ...>

There is a way to do this (maybe in a servlet that "compile" tags.jsp and
then "include" it in the main JSP)?
Thanx for any help!!


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