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From <>
Subject Multiple radio button groups
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 15:31:50 GMT
  I hope you can help this situation for me..

  I am using multiple radio button groups look like,

   <input radio name="name1" value="yes">yes <input radio name="name1" value="no">no
   <input radio name="name2" value="yes">yes <input radio name="name2" value="no">no

  I need to know how to use this in struts and By default all "no" radio buttons need to be

I know how to use single radio group as

  <logic:iterate id="id1" name="GROUP1"> 
  <html:radio property="name" value="value" idName="id1"/> 
  <bean:write name="id1" property="label"/> 

Thanks in Advance,

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