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Subject urgent:projecting with tiles
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 09:21:14 GMT
Hi, i've an question about tiles..
i would use tiles for my application, but i have an problem.
If i use tiles instead of frame but i face this problem: how obtain the
"definition" of page?
Example, i have in my application the login page and if an page call the login
page i would that the module of login will put into body of this page( manteins
header,footer an menu )..for this i append at the all link an parameter that
rappresent the definition of page, in an action i use this definition for create
an new definition and put the login module in the body. Now i have another
problem: if there is an error in a action i would reload the page that call this
action and display an error message. But the page not contains the logic,
contains only tag that iterate on collection of element passed from preavious
action. For this the action that have an error must call the preavious action
and not preavious action must know the url for call the preavious
action ( path,param and definition of preavious page). For this i add another
parameter at all my link, this parameter conteins the preavious url.
example of a complect url:

it's very orrible..but how i know the definition of page and the preavious url
if i not add this in the link?
i think to save this in session, but first this is very heavy for my server and
second if a client save the link and call my page with this savedlink???
i think to use the attribute input in action element, but some page dont't have
this ( example action of menage language could call from some jsp...)
i think to extends TilesRequestProcessor for adding at request an collection
conteins the preavious url and definition, but this function if my client
browsing normaly my site..if my client save the url and call my site with this
don't work...

there is an soluction of this problem?Somebody to explain the tecnics that use
in your application for solve these problem?
Thanks in advance,

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