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From Matthias Wessendorf <>
Subject dynamic value for ActionForwards ?
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 17:10:58 GMT

if have got some action-classes, all doing handel a request
and in case off success, they forward an actionForward.
like this:

perform() {

boolean tmp = doSomeThing();

if(tmp) {
	actionForward = mapping.findForward("done");
else {
	actionForward = mapping.findForward("bad");


the jsp for "done" and "bad" are they same...
but in one point they are different.

one has this Tag
<struts-bean:message key="done"/>

and the other one has got a tag like this
<struts-bean:message key="bad"/>

Now there is my question, is the an "elegant" way to manage this problem
because the count of my jsp-files grows and grows and grows... ;-)

Thank you very much...



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