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From Sundar Narasimhan <>
Subject RE: [OT] Text editor usage (was RE: [OT]: What is vim?)
Date Mon, 03 Mar 2003 23:34:47 GMT

I didn't want to get into this -- since editors are religion :) but
personally I use editors for editing code (although I must admit that
Eclipse's ctrl-space/and factoring helpers are beginning to win me
over :), and IDE's for debugging. (in multi-threaded apps, there's no
comparison -- I can be in and out of a complex remote situation, set
breakpoints on exceptions etc. w/ a couple mouse clicks, in the time it
takes me to figure out where jde or gdb is going to take me next. And
anyone who's still typing "print x" instead of using modern inspectors
is just asking to be competed with and put out of business :)

In summary, I like my hybrid approach. And I am trying to convince
Eclipse guys to have / create a true Emacs plugin .. although I don't
see any takers yet.


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