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From Sundar Narasimhan <>
Subject RE: [OT] Text editor usage (was RE: [OT]: What is vim?)
Date Tue, 04 Mar 2003 00:38:50 GMT
>>In summary, I like my hybrid approach. And I am trying to convince =
>>guys to have / create a true Emacs plugin .. although I don't see any =

> wonder why.....

I don't see any smileys, so I'll presume you are asking this

I did submit a bug report/enhancement request relating to this, and
got pointed to several others that were similar. (I did this right
after I discovered "Incremental Find".. was not really Incremental
:). In any case, OTI is an ex-Smalltalk IDE shop, so I presume there's
a strong NIH syndrome there similar to most other IDE's I've run
across -- but I must admit that the Eclipse approach is a lot more
open -- which is why I tried. I've hacked gnu emacs code in the distant
past (things like rmail/rnews etc. in their very early incarnations
which later morphed into other forms :). If I can rustle up some
free time, I'll probably do that -- but I suspect it's going to be a
low-bandwidth long lead cycle kind of thing. 
If you are interested in contributing, let me know. (I have a couple
of others who might volunteer as well).

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