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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject [Q] Presentation of confirmation information that is meaningful to user?
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 16:07:31 GMT
I'm wondering how many of you handles a typical situation that comes up
for me:

Say you are working on an application that requires the user to enter in
Employee information so that it could be inserted into a database.

You have a select options field created which displays the list of
departments and the user needs to select the appropriate one for the
Employee. Since the database cares about the department ID and not the
department name it makes sense to have the value for your options be
this "ID" and then you just display the department names from your
colleciton so that a typical option viewed as source would look like:

<option value="501">Accounting</option>

Obviously I then have a form bean which will hold this department ID
when the form is submitted. 

The problem I run into though is that I often want to display back
confirmation information that might include the actual department name
the user selected (displaying the id would mean nothing to the user).

How do you guys accomplish this?

There are several ways I can accomplish it but none of them that I'm
aware of are very pretty. 

Rick Reumann

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