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From Rick Reumann <>
Subject Re: How do you keep your session junk free?
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 19:16:28 GMT
On Fri, 7 Mar 2003 14:03:08 -0500
Sundar Narasimhan <> wrote:

> >Explain how some other approach handles it in any better way? Use of
> >token to prevent duplicate submissions works for me. And what do you
> >mean by a continuation-style programming?
> Hi, Rick: CPS is a commonly accepted idiom for representing "what a
> program does next" in your language. Some languages such as
> Scheme (a lisp variant/dialect) have strong support for it.. 
> In languages such as these.. you can actually write
>    int x = 5;
>    x = getValue1();
>    y = getValue2();
> where getValue1 and getValue2 display the appropriate pages etc., and
> when the user hits the back button your program's state gets unwound
> to the point where it should be.. w/out ANY extra coding! You as a
> coder wouldn't have to write any code to "set" the variable x's value
> back to what it was etc.

Very interesting, thanks for the information. Can this kind of behavior
be achieved though simply by hitting a "browser" back button? I wouldn't
think that would be possible without using javascript to resubmit the
page or to make sure a fresh page was always being looked at?

Rick Reumann

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