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From <>
Subject reset is not being called on DynaValidatorForm
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 18:56:15 GMT
[This is going to be a duplicate.  One of the mail servers on campus is holding messages hostage
and will eventually release them.  However, it's been more than 12 hours now and I need help
with this!]

I have the age-old "how to un-check the checkbox" problem. The only twist is that this is
a DynaValidatorForm.
I've tried putting various things into the 'reset' method of my Form, but nothing works:

public void reset( ActionMapping mapping, HttpServletRequest request )
   log.debug( "ClearanceRequestForm.reset" );
   if ( request.getParameter( "returningFromResolution" ) == null ) {
      // set( "plannedGiftFlag", Boolean.FALSE );
      // getMap().put("plannedGiftFlag",Boolean.FALSE);

(I have to control whether the reset happens since I have a workflow that involves going off
to another form temporarily and then coming back to this one.)

Looking in the log file, I never see that log message, so I think that reset is not being

Ian Hunter, you were asking about this in mid-March, did you ever find a solution?

I searched Bugzilla but did not find anything, but I may have done it wrong.  That search
page is daunting to say the least.

Isn't reset supposed to be called before the form is populated from the values in the request?

How do I uncheck a checkbox on a DynaValidatorForm?

Wendy Smoak

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