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From Riyaz Mansoor <>
Subject init variables in action class ?
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 05:27:35 GMT


i'm a newbie to using struts so please bear with me.

in my application (which i'm porting to struts) in
which i formerly used raw servlets, i maintained a
variable that was initialised on startup (and i always
set the servlets to start automatically) as this
variable can be needed by many other servlets at any
time even if that particular servlet has not been
called. so this logic was implemented in the init()
method of the servlet. and depending on the actions
the user took, this variable would be updated so that
all other servlets could access the updated variable.

after reading thru struts i'm thinking that this logic
should (?) be included in the Action extension. my
problem is, i don't _see_ the Action class having a
method that gets initialized, when the ActionServlet
starts up. perhaps i'm looking at this wrong. could
someone explain this?

i don't want to put the initialization in my jsp

please help


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