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From Davor Cengija <>
Subject Re: [OT] Java method size limitations
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 09:32:41 GMT
Kwok Peng Tuck wrote:

>>I had that problem in a compiled JSP page (therefore, in the created
>>servlet): a table with 150 rows and 8 <bean:write /> columns (some
>>financial data).
>>The solution was to split the table into 3 files and in the first one just
>>included the second and the third using <jsp:include />. Now it works just
> Were you iterating over  a collection ?  If so you could have used the
> logic:iterate tag to give you a hand ..... :)

No. Those were some financial data (numbers with different formatting, 
texts, calculations) in a bean with method names such as getFP001() to 
getFP155() with some exceptions. Each method had to be called directly. 
Therefore the problems.


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