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From "James CE Johnson" <>
Subject RE: Model 2 with a half-order of X
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 14:18:09 GMT
> Jeff,
> I haven't tried this before, but it seems like one solution would be to
> generate your XML doc in the Action (or some delegate) and place it in
> the appropriate scope and then use XTags
> ( to
> transform the doc.
> Another solution, would be to generate the XML doc and transform it in
> the Action (or delegate) and then write directly to the response output
> stream and return a null ActionForward which will tell Struts that the
> response has been handled. Ofcourse, you will have to render the entire
> page (header, body, footer).

You can aleviate that by using tiles. Create a layout that does your
header/body/footer inclusions. Then your 'body 'provider can do the XML
transformation as you describe.

> You may also want to look into Cocoon. I believe its just servlet,
> instead of
> an entire framework, which can be used to transform XML docs.
> HTH,
> robert
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>> From: Jeff Smith []
>> Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 4:51 PM
>> To: Struts Users Mailing List
>> Subject: Model 2 with a half-order of X
>> I've got a situation where a lot of the content in my app is going to
>> be based on structured documents that are pulled from my database.
>> I'd like to be able to create an XML representation of this doc
>> (at display
>> time) and then apply a user-selected XSLT to transform the doc
>> into a couple
>> of different structures (perhaps a summary view, a detailed view and a
>> change-log view) before finally applying some style sheets (CSS or
>> XSL) to display it.
>> I've looked at Model2X and StrutsCX, but they're way overkill for my
>> needs.
>> I'm quite happy with struts/JSP for my site layout and navigation. I
>> don't want to re-write my entire site just to transform a few document
>> pages.
>> Does anybody have any suggestions for how to do XML generation and
>> XSLT transformation from within an Action method?
>> I imagine doing this with a two-step action. Step one is a
>> docPreparation step that creates the XML and does the content
>> transformation. Step 2 (chained from step 1) would then render the doc
>> to the tile that I'm using for doc presentation.
>> Any pointers would be appreciated.
>> Jefficus
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