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From Cedric Dumoulin <>
Subject Re: Tiles and appending request parameters
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 11:05:39 GMT


  I think that the problem is not related to the Tiles. What you want is 
to be able to add a request parameter to the current requestResponse.
  When Tiles include the controller via its url, is simply do an 
include, and doesn't modify the requestResponse object. So, you still 
have all the http parameters that are associated to the request. You can 
yourself modify the requestResponse object in your action before 
inserting the tiles. Check the jsp and servlet spec to know if it is 
possible to add an http parameter. Personally I use to pass such extra 
parameters in the request context or Tile context rather than a new http 
  Hope this help,


Brandon Goodin wrote:

>Hey all,
>I have asked this question in the past and have lived with the limitation of
>not being able to do it. The only reason why I ask now is that I recently
>gave a quickstart presentation on tiles and wasn't sure if somethin had been
>added to remedy the problem. So, I wanted to pose it again to see if there
>has been an enhancement that supports it or there is a viable workaround
>that can produce the same results (without scriplets).
>I have a layout that has an <insert> that uses the controllerUrl attribute.
>I want to append a parameter to the controllerUrl. Is this possible yet?
>For example:
>I have this definition:
><definition name=""
>    path="/layouts/weather/weatherlayout.jsp"
>    controllerUrl="/do/weather"/>
>When the page renders I want to attach the following request paramters to
>the controllerUrl value:
>So that the controllerUrl ultimately calls:
>The parameters will be supplied by the action that called the parent layout.
>This is not a realworld example. It is just a simple illustration. Please do
>not send me alternate approaches. I just want to know if dynamic parameter
>appending is possible with tiles.
>Thanks all.
>Brandon Goodin
>Phase Web and Multimedia
>PO Box 85
>Whitefish MT 59937
>P (406) 862-2245
>F (406) 862-0354
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