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From Cedric Dumoulin <>
Subject Re: urgent:projecting with tiles
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 10:40:10 GMT


  Tiles allows to build pages dynamically. However, you should not use 
this functionality all the time ;-).
  In you r case, you can have a  login page, an error page (or more), 
and  other pages. Each page is build by assembling tiles, and by using a 
common layout, header, footer, ...
  To each page you can associate an action that do a kind of logic. For 
example, the action can check the appropriate login. According to the 
logic result, the action forwards to the appropriate rendering page 
(here a tile definition containing the appropriate body).

  But maybe I have miss something in what you are trying to do.

    Cedric wrote:

>Hi, i've an question about tiles..
>i would use tiles for my application, but i have an problem.
>If i use tiles instead of frame but i face this problem: how obtain the
>"definition" of page?
>Example, i have in my application the login page and if an page call the login
>page i would that the module of login will put into body of this page( manteins
>header,footer an menu )..for this i append at the all link an parameter that
>rappresent the definition of page, in an action i use this definition for create
>an new definition and put the login module in the body. Now i have another
>problem: if there is an error in a action i would reload the page that call this
>action and display an error message. But the page not contains the logic,
>contains only tag that iterate on collection of element passed from preavious
>action. For this the action that have an error must call the preavious action
>and not preavious action must know the url for call the preavious
>action ( path,param and definition of preavious page). For this i add another
>parameter at all my link, this parameter conteins the preavious url.
>example of a complect url:
>it's very orrible..but how i know the definition of page and the preavious url
>if i not add this in the link?
>i think to save this in session, but first this is very heavy for my server and
>second if a client save the link and call my page with this savedlink???
>i think to use the attribute input in action element, but some page dont't have
>this ( example action of menage language could call from some jsp...)
>i think to extends TilesRequestProcessor for adding at request an collection
>conteins the preavious url and definition, but this function if my client
>browsing normaly my site..if my client save the url and call my site with this
>don't work...
>there is an soluction of this problem?Somebody to explain the tecnics that use
>in your application for solve these problem?
>Thanks in advance,
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