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From <>
Subject RE: Struts and Swing Client
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 11:24:23 GMT
If you are using HTTP with Swing client, what protocol u are planning to use?Otherwise, like
u said, how can u retrieve the Data on the server?
I think U need to define a protocol for object transfer...

Have a look at SOAP...

And basically I think the idea of having a swing client for a Struts layer seems a bit difficult
to digest for me...
Can you not access the model layer directly from The swing client?But then all the flow control
logic will have to be implemented...

Any ideas folks??


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Sent: Wednesday, March 26, 2003 11:59 AM
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Subject: Struts and Swing Client

	We are developing an application with Swings as the client. We are
going to talk to the server using HTTP where struts is implemented. 

Client Code
Hashtable hash = new Hashtable();
hash.put("name", "kiran");
hash.put("password", "justdoit");
OutputStream outputStream = conn.getOutputStream() ;
ObjectOutputStream objectOutputStream = new

	We are not sure how to  retrieve this object at the server side as
when we put this object into the request using ObjectOutputStream it does
not have any id.

	Also we are not sure how to return the control back to the client.
return (aMapping.findForward("success"));
<action path="/test" type="test.TestAction">
<forward name="success" path="???????????"/>
How do we map it in struts-config.xml file

Thanx & Regds,

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