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From "Chris Butler" <>
Subject RE: Nested and Tiles taglibs together
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 18:23:14 GMT
Cedric (and others),

Thanks for the response and insight.  I'll cast my vote on the bugfix.
I'd definitely like to see the behavior I described below.

As for nested/tiles interaction and potential to allow for request
scoping of variables, hopefully I can contact the fellow who does the
nested tags and see if that's a possibility.  It makes sense to allow
for an option to push nested tags to the request scope since many
of the original struts tags support it.


Re: struts and jsp 1.2 & 2.0, etc.  Apologies for the misnaming of 2.0
as 1.3 - I haven't kept up with that particular spec for a long while.

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From: Cedric Dumoulin [] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 12, 2003 12:43 PM
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: Re: Nested and Tiles taglibs together

  Hi Chris,

Chris Butler wrote:

>So, I've been using struts for a while... even back when Tiles used to
>be called "Components". :-)
>I'm pretty impressed with how far things have come and how useful the
>framework is...
>Anyway, I'm new to using <nested> tags and am trying to use them in
>combination with Tiles.
>The goal I have is to iterate over a bunch of questions, each question
>which has its own layout. For now, ignore how the layout switch is
>handled - I'm more concerned about passing nested context between tiles
>if it's possible.  (I've actually accomplished the switch via a
>logic:equals sort of hack for the time being rather than pre-loading
>data in a tiles controller.  Why this works with a tiles:insert, I'm
>sure since one would think it would have flush-from-within-a
>issues as well.)
>First pass (without swapped layout):
><nested:iterate property="questions" scope="request">
>    <nested:nest property="question">
>        <nested:write property="questionText" /><br />
>        <nested:hidden property="questionId" /><br />
>	  <!-- insert answers here later -->
>    </nested:nest>
>What I would like to do in concept:
>*** questions.jsp
><nested:iterate property="questions" scope="request">
>    <tiles:insert attribute="questionLayout" flush="false"/>
>*** questionLayout.jsp
><nested:nest property="question">
>    <nested:write property="questionText" /><br />
>    <nested:hidden property="questionId" /><br />
>	  <!-- insert answers here later -->
>Problems I've had:
>1. Tiles & flush = "false"
>   I'm using JBoss 3.2.0RC1 w/Jetty - the Tiles flush tag doesn't seem 
>   to work or Jetty mishandles it.  I know we're fighting against the
>JSP 1.1 spec.
>   Symptom: The flushed tile HTML appears first, the containing JSP
  There is a ticket opened in bugzilla for this issue.You can try the 
proposed patch, and vote for it.

>2. Losing nested context
>   Once I do the tiles:insert, I lose the nested context.  I need to be
>   to generate the problem index for each question in the form.  This
>   look something like:
>   questions[0].question.questionId="nnnn"
>   questions[1].question.questionId="mmmm"
  I don't know how nested is implemented, but it looks like it store its

context in the page scope. Need to be in the request scope to work with 

>1. When will Struts move to support JSP 1.2?  It's been around for a
>long time now.
>   In fact, isn't JSP 1.3 out there as well?
  It is jsp1.2

>2. Is there any good documentation on Tiles and Nested in combination?
>   So far, I've been to a lot of the struts resources without much
  I don't know about any documentation for Tiles/nested. Any help is 


>3. I love the concept of Tiles controllers.  These are fantastic for
>moving a 
>   Tile around a webapp solely by referencing it via the JSP/tiles
>   there anyway to leverage this concept in relation to my desired
>Thanks loads - any tips or even possible approaches would be fantastic.
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