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From "Chris Butler" <>
Subject <nested:radio> does not support idName property?
Date Thu, 27 Mar 2003 20:40:30 GMT
Hey folks,

I was looking for a way which would allow a nested radio button to pass
along a value of a bean.  The below example has a list of answer groups,
each of which answer group should have a selected answer.

<nested:iterate id="tmpAnswerGroup" property="answerGroupList">
     <nested:radio idName="tmpAnswerGroup" 
                   value="selectedAnswerId" />

For some reason the <nested:radio> tag doesn't support "idName".  Is
this just an oversight?  Also, value cannot be omitted based on the
<html:radio> definition, so I imagine the above looks a little bit
redundant by specifying the "selectedAnswerId" twice.

Note: if I leave out "idName", the jsp does not interpret the value as a
bean-related field, but interprets it as a literal value.



PS: have tested more complex behavior of nested:iterate and tiles bug
that is in bugzilla and will update the bug report as requested.

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