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From "PILGRIM, Peter, FM" <>
Subject RE: [ANNOUNCE] Struts-JavaServer Faces Integration Library -- Ear ly Access Version Now Available
Date Fri, 07 Mar 2003 14:46:33 GMT
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Craig R. McClanahan []
> I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of an 
> integration library
> that allows you to use the recently published EA3 release of 
> JavaServer
> Faces <> with a recent Struts
> build (nightly build 20030216 or later, or the upcoming 
> 1.1-rc2 or final
> release).  Nightly builds of this package are available at:



> * The design goal of this library was to allow Struts application
>   developers to migrate the view tier of their applications from the
>   existing Struts tags, to pages that use corresponding 
> JavaServer Faces
>   component tags, with no changes to the corresponding business logic.
>   This goal has been substantially achieved for simple applications
>   so far; additional work will be necessary for more advanced apps.
>   As a proof of concept, the JavaServer Faces based version of the
>   canonical "struts-example" web application is included in the
>   distribution, so that you can see for yourself how little had to be
>   changed.

Are the Struts tags including the Struts-EL going to deprecated?
Some applications in production will still use these tags,
especially for this concise XML writing forms, even though
they are JSTL.

What is the future of custom tags in Struts? Will you off-load
them to the JSTL and third party altogether or do intend
to support just a small subset like the Tiles and Validations


> * The JavaServer Faces distribution is an EA release, not suitable for
>   use in production environments.  In addition, the license terms
>   under which it can be downloaded prohibit redistribution.  
> Therefore,
>   you will need to download your own copy of JavaServer Faces EA3 and
>   integrate it with the example application before it can be deployed.


So it is not production ready. But it is exciting to see something now.
In Expresso we also have legacy tag libs, which really be upgraded
to JSTL and Expression Language support. So I be interested in your
views on the tag lib issues.

BTW: I got a Expresso Framework working Struts 1.1 beta 3 successfully.
I decided to use a plug-in and request processor configured from XML
config instead. It is a lot less hastle, and easy to write a README
document with instructions.

Peter Pilgrim,
Struts/J2EE Consultant, RBoS FM, Risk IT
Tel: +44 (0)207-375-4923

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