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From "David Graham" <>
Subject Re: [OT] JavaScript Debugger For Client-Side Validation
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 18:21:22 GMT

>David Graham ( wrote:
> > Oh how we all love a good browser war :-).  Mozilla is ok but amateur.
> > Opera has those features and they are implemented better than Mozilla's.
>I will help you out, Opera rocks too!  I love them both equally well
>on different days.
> > Quick examples:
> > Ctrl-N in Opera opens new tab.  Ctrl-N in mozilla opens news window.  
> > provide tabs and then default to opening windows?
>Mozilla 1.3
> > F5 and Ctrl-R in Opera refresh the page to fit with the Windows standard 
> > old netscape diehards.  Mozilla uses Ctrl-R only.
>You can always add the keybinding, but you have a reasonable point
> > Maybe minor issues but Opera is the more polished browser.
>And faster, but I guess it is safe to say, why would anyone use IE

Because it comes with the OS and installing software scares most people.  
Also, Opera has banner ads unless you pay for it.  The biggest irritating 
thing about Mozilla is that it renders many pages with extremely small text 
so I'm constantly zooming in on them.


>Believe me, I won't diss Opera for a second, Opera 7 is very
>smooth.  But Mozilla has a place in my heart too.


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