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From "David Graham" <>
Subject RE: [OT] JavaScript Debugger For Client-Side Validation
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2003 19:36:18 GMT
> > I know that shortcut and it's irritating.  It should be a
> > configurable
> > preference.  Like I said, Mozilla is amateur.
>Here we go ;) Why is it amateur to not break an interface component that
>users are used to?  To me, it seems amateur to change a long-established
>keyboard shortcut - especially if users (such as myself) wish to work with
>both new windows and new tabs...

I said it should be configurable, *not* that it break behavior people are 
used to.

> > >
> > > > F5 and Ctrl-R in Opera refresh the page to fit with the
> > > > Windows standard and
> > > > old netscape diehards.  Mozilla uses Ctrl-R only.
> > >
> > >False, both F5 and Ctrl-R do a refresh in Mozilla.
> >
> > Not the last time I checked.  I only use Mozilla on Linux
> > though so maybe
> > the versions are different.
>Ahh, good point - maybe Mozilla only supports F5 on windows platforms.  Of
>course, in a sense this is perfectly logical - as F5 to refresh is a copy 
>an IE keyboard shortcut, so why should it work on non-MS OSes?

So that I don't have to learn brand new shortcuts for each platform.  The 
default behavior should be the platform's standard (like the Windows 
standard of using F5 for refresh) but be configurable.

The shortcuts are not the biggest reason I prefer Opera.  Mozilla 
consistently renders pages in smaller text than normal so I always have to 
zoom in on them.  All right, I'm done with the browser war :-).



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