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From "David Graham" <>
Subject Re: <html:link> ties the model to the view
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 19:52:56 GMT
The best way is to use <c:url> from the JSTL.  Alternatively, your model 
class doesn't need to know about the request parameter names if you use an 
adaptor/wrapper around it.


>From: "Tarek M. Nabil" <>
>Reply-To: "Struts Users Mailing List" <>
>To: "Struts (E-mail)" <>
>Subject: <html:link> ties the model to the view
>Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 21:26:32 +0200
>Hi everyone,
>I've been using Struts for a while, and I think it's the best thing since 
>Today, though, I ran into a problem that when I tried to implement with 
>Struts, I found the solution to be rather dissappointing. Or maybe it's 
>just me, and I couldn't figure out the best way to do it.
>I have a JSP that lists a number of elements, and beside each element, 
>there's a link to another page where the user can edit this element.
>I use a model class to retrieve a Vector of instances from the class that 
>encapsulates that element.
>I use the <logic:iterate> tag to iterate over this Vector and show the 
>elements. When I tried to implement the link that will point to the page 
>where the element can be edited, I found out that the <html:link> tag has a 
>strange way of getting the parameters to be appened to the link. If you 
>want to send more than one parameter then you need to provide a Map of the 
>parameter names and values.
>Since I'm iterating over a collection, the only way to do that is to 
>provide this Map from the instances in this collection for every element. 
>But that would mean that my model (Class whose instance is in the Vector) 
>has to know the names of the request parameters I'm sending. Isn't that 
>some sort of coupling between the model and the web tier? Or am I missing 
>something here?
>I'll provide the code here to help explain my point...I've only included 
>the element in question.
><logic:iterate id="element" name="listSubcategoryForm" 
>property="visibleCategories" type="<cannot reveal package 
>	<tr><td><html:link name="element" property="params"
>		page="/"><html:img border="0"
>		srcKey="img.edit"/></html:link></td>
>	</tr>
>So, I need SubcategoryModel to implement a method called getParams() to 
>return a java.util.Map that contains the request parameters and their 
>values. That would essentially mean that SubcategoryModel knows the name of 
>the request parameters, which is not that good.
>I don't have another way to do it. Can anyone help?
>Thanks in advance.
>Tarek M. Nabil
>Software Engineer
>Free Zone, Area 7 (B),
>Block (J), Nasr City,
>Cairo, Egypt
>TEL.: 20-2-2766226
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