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From "Andrew Hill" <>
Subject RE: [OT] Estimating a Struts-based project
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:36:10 GMT
hmm. Then there is but one estimate you can give...


If they ask whether thats days or hours tell them it doesnt really make a
difference... ;-)

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From: Chappell, Simon P []
Sent: Wednesday, 26 March 2003 00:33
To: Struts Users Mailing List
Subject: RE: [OT] Estimating a Struts-based project

For our initial estimate, we do not have the luxury of use-cases. Hence the
need to generate an estimate based on the smallest quantity of known data

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>From: Mehra, Vishal []
>Sent: Tuesday, March 25, 2003 10:05 AM
>To: 'Struts Users Mailing List'
>Subject: RE: [OT] Estimating a Struts-based project
>I would break these down to use cases and assign complexity to
>each one of
>them and then try estimating it that way.
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>From: Chappell, Simon P []
>Sent: Monday, March 24, 2003 11:14 AM
>To: Struts Mailing List (E-mail)
>Subject: [OT] Estimating a Struts-based project
>I have just completed an initial estimate for a Struts-based web
>application. I am curious as to what estimation methods folks
>out there use
>for their initial estimates. The revised estimate will be
>delivered after
>more analysis is performed.
>I am fed up with making wild guesses for initial estimates and
>wondered if
>there was any way to take the small amount of information
>available up front
>(i.e. the number of screens on the user's initial workflow requirements
>document) and extrapolate it into an estimate. I understand
>that the margin
>of error is gonna be big and hairy on this puppy, but it's an initial
>estimate created with a dearth of information, so what do you
>expect? :-)
>What I did was:
>Take the estimated number of application screens: s=13
>Take the number of application user roles: r=3
>Figure which screens are used by which roles and total: sr=32
>Estimate the
>number of actions: a = sr * 2 = 64 Application units of work:
>auow = a + sr
>= 96 Total units of work (including admin screens): tuow =
>auow * 2 = 192
>Estimate an effort factor per unit: ef = 4hr Programmer work:
>pw = tuow * ef
>= 768hrs
>Some assumptions included in these calculations include:
>1. An average of two actions per screen role.
>2. The administration facility of an application is about 50%
>of the work.
>3. The effort factor is a figure arrived at from knowledge of
>the programmer
>being tasked and the number of new technologies within the project.
>Your thoughts please.
>Simon P. Chappell           
>Java Programming Specialist            
>Lands' End, Inc.                                   (608) 935-4526
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