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From "Michael Mattox" <>
Subject RE: [OT] Estimating a Struts-based project
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2003 15:47:14 GMT
> >Hours are too fine grained.
> Agreed. But even when I give them estimates in days and weeks,
> they ask for them to be resubmitted in hours.

The XP approach uses "points" and velocity for scheduling.  The problem with
calendar time is then the managers expect the programmers to stick to the
dates.  But in reality no one can predict with absolute certainty how long a
project will take.  I think XP's approach handles this issue very nicely.

> >This sounds like a perfect scenario for eXtreme Programming.
> Actually, the first Struts project we did here, we used elements
> of XP. It went well and was declared a huge success by the CEO at
> the company employee meeting! :-)

Glad to hear that!  I hope you can use even more XP principles on your next


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