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From "Susan Bradeen" <>
Subject Re: [ANN] Struttin' With Struts beta (newbies esp. welcome)
Date Wed, 12 Mar 2003 14:58:52 GMT

These lessons excellent! Congratulations. I didn't download the .war 
files, but just walked through the lessons ... very informative without 
being too involved. I have a feeling your URL will appear quite a lot on 
this list as a suggested learning resource. 

Susan Bradeen

On 03/11/2003 02:36:38 AM Rick Reumann wrote:

> I created a web site that walks new Struts users step by step
> through the development of three VERY simple web applications in three
> lessons. Each lesson adds a few more features so that they build upon
> each other yet each stands alone such that if you follow the steps in
> any lesson you'll have built a very basic application regardless of
> which lesson you start with.
> I created these because there seemed to be lacking some more recent
> "walk through" Struts tutorials geared toward the very new Struts
> developer. I think real newbies will find them especially useful, but
> then again I could be way wrong:)
> I'm considering the site a "beta" because I'm sure there will be some
> mistakes. If anyone sees something I'm doing in a lesson that is way
> off (or a very bad practice) please let me know. Some of the stuff I
> know could be done in a more "best practice" way, but for the sake of
> trying to also keep the lessons small and simple some ideas weren't
> included (ie- I didn't use a constants interface for my forward
> definitions).
> If anyone wants to contribute, reword, or add anything please let me
> know. The site is there to help others. I got really lazy in a lot of
> places and didn't say much about certain things that I would have liked
> to. Hopefully over time the site will improve.
> Struttin' with Struts:
> --
> Rick
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