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From Vic Cekvenich>
Subject Re: Struts Development tool with GUI
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 00:36:30 GMT
I got a chance to work on some big Stuts projects, and we did not use 
any "tools".  Anycase, that is not the major stumbling block.
Mostly people need help with modular programing (and some reuse via OO), 
and other typical project issues.
100 pages is not that bad at all. Consider having several Struts.con fig 
files.... and also consider a mentor (that has production Struts 
experience) because mentors can be very cost effective.

Igor Shabalov wrote:
>     Hello, everybody!
>     Does anybody have a real experience with GUI based Struts 
> development tools, like Camino or Adalon or Objects Assembler? I mean 
> use it for real project with more then 100 pages and actions. I have bad 
> feeling about managing big struts-confin file with all relationship to 
> action classes and JSP pages (with a majority of team barely understand 
> what Struts is) – but I have very limited “real struts experience”. May 
> be somebody try this tools in project with positive or negative result? 
> I know, some developers do not like complicated tools at all (Emax is 
> the best tool ever :-), but I don’t think that such brilliant 
> technology, like Struts, has to stick forever with stone age tools, like 
> “Struts Console” with complicated and time consuming dialogs etc.     
> Moreover, I think use of such tools will bring new capabilities to 
> Struts technology itself – like real modular structure and capabilities 
> to reuse modules.
>     Thank you very much,
>     Igor Shabalov,
>     Exadel Inc.,

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