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From Igor Shabalov <>
Subject Re: Struts Development tool with GUI
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2003 01:23:09 GMT

	Thank you, Vic.

	Sure, multiply config files is essential, you cannot manage big project 
with several people working with single struts-config over CVS without 
merge and conflicts, which is very hard to fix in XML file. But using 
several config files make your life even more complicated – and the result 
do not become less coupled, - I hate inter-modular goto in 1.1 style  … I 
have a hope one day Struts gurus will introduce “real modules” into struts, 
with ability to “call” sub-module and “return” from it, so I can split my 
now “cast in concrete” struts application into small, manageable modules 
with strong interface definitions…

	Igor Shabalov.
	Exadel Inc.

On Tue, 25 Mar 2003 19:36:30 -0500, Vic Cekvenich <> wrote:

> I got a chance to work on some big Stuts projects, and we did not use any 
> "tools".  Anycase, that is not the major stumbling block.
> Mostly people need help with modular programing (and some reuse via OO), 
> and other typical project issues.
> 100 pages is not that bad at all. Consider having several Struts.con fig 
> files.... and also consider a mentor (that has production Struts 
> experience) because mentors can be very cost effective.
> hth,
> .V
> Igor Shabalov wrote:
>> Hello, everybody!
>> Does anybody have a real experience with GUI based Struts development 
>> tools, like Camino or Adalon or Objects Assembler? I mean use it for 
>> real project with more then 100 pages and actions. I have bad feeling 
>> about managing big struts-confin file with all relationship to action 
>> classes and JSP pages (with a majority of team barely understand what 
>> Struts is) – but I have very limited “real struts experience”. May be 
>> somebody try this tools in project with positive or negative result? I 
>> know, some developers do not like complicated tools at all (Emax is the 
>> best tool ever :-), but I don’t think that such brilliant technology, 
>> like Struts, has to stick forever with stone age tools, like “Struts 
>> Console” with complicated and time consuming dialogs etc.     Moreover, 
>> I think use of such tools will bring new capabilities to Struts 
>> technology itself – like real modular structure and capabilities to 
>> reuse modules.
>> Thank you very much,
>> Igor Shabalov,
>> Exadel Inc.,
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Igor Shabalov
Director of Engineering
Exadel Inc.

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