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From "Scott Power" <>
Subject problem with struts 1.1 rc1
Date Thu, 06 Mar 2003 17:27:35 GMT

I just downloaded the struts 1.1 rc1 and when I try to run my tomcat I
get debug printing to the screen for many, many screens.  I have tried
to turn off my debug, I have debug set to 0 in the server.xml, web.xml,
and all other xml's that I could find.  I still continue to get these
debug's.  I know that I can download the source files and take out the
debug option but I would rather not. I am little new to this and do not
want to mess things up any farther.

I need to use the feature of the condition validation for the
requiredIf rule.  I have my project working fine with struts 1.1 rc1 but
the debug for the struts.jar is really annoying.  Currently I have
reverted back to struts 1.02.  I would really like to use 1.1 but I have
to rid of the debug printing to the screen .  When I load tomcat it says
that the digester is the file printing these debugs.  Also it only does
this on one machine and not another one.  Except on the one that doesn't
do this on startup, it will print out all the debugs while running my

I am starting to get really confused, can anybody help. Does anyone
know when the production version of 1.1 is due to come out.  

Thanks once again.


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