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From "Alex Shneyderman" <>
Subject Initialization of the DynaValidorForm values
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 21:22:30 GMT

Hi, all!

I have DynaValidatorForm that is request scoped.
I have <html:form> tag on the client side (jsp)
that is referring to that form. 

Now my question: 
if I have values that are sitting in DB, 
that I retrieve thru my BOs and need to assign them
to the fields of that form (existing values), how 
do I do it in the most efficient (less coding) way 

The problem here is that if I have my form on JSP 
page and do not want to do any redirects there is 
no way to specify to <html:form> where to get its 
existing/default values.


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