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From Michał Drozd <>
Subject using html:form from plain java code
Date Tue, 24 Jun 2003 00:28:15 GMT

What is the best practice to generate html output equivalent to use
html:form jsp tag. I need to use it in for example servlet (just example
, in fact there is just plain java class that generates html output. It
is very modular thing, so simple jsp isn't solution). This problem is
touching some other tags either.

I found at least 2 solutions:

1/ simulating using html:form tag (calling doStartTag, doEndTag etc by
hand) -- this solution needs a lot of 'doing nothing' code. I found this
solution quite uggly (maybe someone found/wrote some framework for
calling jsp tag code in simple java class ??). Unfortunatelly i haven't
found time to do it yet. (but i plan it)

2/ Looking into FormTag code and rewrite this code to my code.
-- this can be incompatible with future versions of struts ....

Anyone found similar problems ??
Any solutions ??

Best regards,

Michał Drozd <>

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